Purchase the Red Shemagh

The Ghitra or Red Shemagh is a popular and conventional Persian men’s dress from the urban communities of Bushehr and Qom. Truly, it is a similar Arab dress, yet with various shading and materials.

The Persian customs of the men depended on the long outfit. Ghitra was worn for a particular reason. The dress was made such that it could cover the entire body of the man. There were no shoulders and bunches of little, rectangular bands at the chest.

There were numerous little pockets joined to the shoulders. The pockets had brightening openings, and the gaps were intended to hold various compartments which were loaded up with valuable stones, dabs, and gold.

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There were little plates on the outfit that covered the legs and the feet. Silk yekke were an average enhancement on the support. Glossy silk was designed with weaving, and the greater part of the Satin is made of camel hair, silk, and silk-yekke. Numerous different extras, for the most part gold, were additionally positioned on the dress.

In current occasions, the outfits had different shading variety. Today, the dress is as yet utilized in some political and social functions, for example, relationships, memorial services, and authority commitment. The شماغ احمر  might be worn by a lady, however the dress is commonly not worn by a kid.

Today, the Red Shemagh is as yet worn by numerous individuals, especially during their weddings and memorial services. It is as yet considered a sort of token, a piece of a history.

You can purchase a Red Shemagh now from most conventional shops in Iran. Be that as it may, it is suggested that you visit a real store, since it will cost more. There are numerous online stores that sell these dresses, and they for the most part sell them at less expensive costs.

So on the off chance that you need to purchase the Red Shemagh, you ought to go to the stores and markets in Bushehr or Qom. In actuality, it is very amusing to look for the Red Shemagh, and you will have an astounding encounter, on the off chance that you need to get one.