Jawbone Wena Reviews – Is the Wena Really Any Better Than the Others?

The Wena 3 fitness watch has been designed to integrate with the Fitbit and Mio wireless payment systems. The built-in NFC support for several different mobile payment methods (including Japan specific) makes it easy to transfer money from one place to another. Another great new feature in the Wena 3 is the built-in heart rate monitor, which will measure your pulse rate and calculate your VO2 max.

Sony Wena 3 Smart Band for traditional watches launched in Japan -  Gizmochina

The Wena 3’s heart rate sensor measures your pulse rate during the exercise session. The built-in wave technology allows the receiver to communicate with the Mio and Fitbit wireless payment gateways. The app utilizes the power of your phone’s GPS to update the map and update your workout stats. Looking More visit wena 3 sony.

One of my favorite things about the Wena 3Wristband is that it allows you to keep your watch strap clean. Unlike the Fitbit and Mio watches, the Wena watch strap does not have a place to store the strap after it is used. So, every time you take your watch off, you need to take it out of its carrying case, pop it into a wallet or purse, or dig through your purse or pocket in order to find your watch strap. In addition, there is no battery life indicator in the watch strap, nor any way to tell if it’s low on battery.

As well as being one of the least powerful, the Wena watch lacks any sort of advanced user interface or notification system. The general functions of the watch are done by pressing and holding on to the watch band. You do not get any smart screen functionality like you do on the Fitbit and Mio watches. You can’t do anything with the watch other than setting the timer or count your calories. That’s a big drawback when it comes to fitness-oriented watches, since most people like to be able to interact with their devices. I don’t think the Fitbit is too bad at all, but the Wena just feels less intuitive overall.

Finally, the only real feature of the wena smartband that I really appreciate is its support for the new wireless internet protocol (NFC). Unlike the wena 3G which supports wifi, the new watch strap doesn’t but it works rather well. It has the same location sensitive technology used by the Fitbit and Mio smartbands and can track your workout, both indoors and outdoors. As someone who has used both the wena and nfcs, I can say that the wena is superior when it comes to efficiency and accuracy, and definitely has more staying power when compared to the news. If you are interested in a fitness tracking device, then the wena may be a better fit, but if you just want a stylish watch band for walking around, the wena is an excellent choice.

In Conclusion, the wena 3G is another excellent fitness and health tracking device from Jawbone. Like the Fitbit and Mio smartband, it features both an accurate GPS tracking device as well as an ionizer that receive power from your sweat. While it is more expensive than the Fitbit and Mio, I feel that Jawbone’s success with the wena proves the effectiveness of their other products. The main complaint I have with the wena though, is that it does not support the new wireless internet protocol, especially if you are going to use it indoors. Other than that, the end manages to be stylish, light weight and has a decent backlight, although I wouldn’t recommend its price tag. The only real difference it has compared to the other Jawbone products is that it doesn’t have a wireless heart rate monitor like the other two Jawbones have, which I think is a very minor feature compared to what it can do.